What would have made the ‘perfect’ Pick ‘n Pay logo redesign?

Let’s face it, logo redesign is without any doubt one of the most challenging element of rebranding. The question is, what does the redesign need to be to be regarded an improvement of the prior design? It has been a couple of months since Pick n Pay has rebranded, and as you’d expect not everybody was happy with their new look while a few approved the redesign.

I know that some people have rejected the new logo simply based on the fact that everybody was used to the old logo, hence I only published this article a few months after we’ve all absorbed the new logo.

I’d like to know if there’s any people out there who didn’t like the logo at first but are now ok with it.

Bizcommunity ran a poll on whether people liked the new logo design or not and more than 52% of the people who voted don’t like the logo, 32% said they liked it while just over 15% weren’t sure whether they liked the new look.

Did the ‘familiarity’ factor play any role in the judgment of the redesign? If the new logo was their initial and the old was a redesign of the new one would it be tagged as successful rebranding? Confusing? ok, let me try this in English…

If we swap the two logos and pretend the new logo was initial design and the old logo was its redesign:

What would your take then be? Would it qualify as an improvement in your books?

While I totally agree on some logo design principles or rather lack of on the new logo that made a lot of people disapprove the new logo, apart customers being attached to the old logo – in terms of design what was so good about the old logo?