Skout, for the love of designers


After long hours of labour, litres of caffeine and almost all my bandwidth I just jumped the first hurdle, the launch of Skout™.

Skout™ is a bookmark sharing platform with design resources for designers by designers.

Everybody is free to submit their sites to share with everybody.

Skout™ aims at becoming a one stop resources shop with links of great resources on just one page, all listed for free.

Skout™’s mandate is to list quality design resources from all over the world, and I aim at promoting quality resources from designers in Africa wherever applicable.

Listings are not limited to African design resources websites only but part of this project would be only be a success, as more and more sites from Africa get listed and promoted as Skout™ grows.

I was able to gather just over 250 sites over the past 9 months and I hope the number will grow as we all share our list of design resources.

You can share your sites by emailing the urls to: share[at]