A collection of a few client work

I have listed a few projects that I’ve worked on, most of which my role is ongoing. Click on the ‘design process’ link to go through the creative process behind the particular project

Bothakga Design Studio [design process]
Bothakga Design Studio logo
Black On Black [design process]

Zonkizizwe Investments [design process]
zonkizizwe investments logo
Pondo Culture and Heritage Festival [design process]
pondo culture and heritage festival logo
Corescap Pilates
corescap pilates logo
Legae Events and Marketing
legae events and marketing logo identity

legae events and marketing typography font meaning

legae events and marketing slogan tagline typography font

Mo’ribo records
mo'ribo records logo
mo'ribo records academy dj school poster
mo\'ribo records digital music poster
mo'ribo records disc jockey dj
mo'ribo records t-shirt ika
AH, DAMN & IF™ [website]
ah, damn and if launch party invitation
t shirt tee washing instructions tag label
ah, damn and if clothing apparel t-shirt tees packaging
Ikanyeng kwenampe
gender testing t-shirt white tee
mokokoma tee label
mo'ribo records crew
WANT TO SEE MORE WORK?The above work is a selection of a very few samples of my portfolio.
Please visit Benhance Network to browse more of my design work.

Want to work with me on your project?

I will require information regarding your business and the project scope before I am able to draft a cost estimate for your project.

Please complete any of the two questionnaires below that best describes your project:

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