Logo design for Zonkizizwe Investments

I’m currently busy with a corporate identity for Zonkizizwe Investments (Pty) Ltd, the project entails a logo design that I will then apply to business cards, letterheads, complimentary slips and the client’s company profile booklet.

The client approved my initial proposal of the logo design and I’m working on the rest of the project, which I’ll hopefully share as soon as the project is completed.

So this post will briefly concentrate on my creative rational for the logo.

Client profile:

Zonkizizwe Investments was formed in 1997 and it’s a holding company for currently 9 companies, with a focus in: Energy, Minerals, Fisheries, Property, Agriculture and Forestry, Finance, Transport, Security, Training, Sanitary Services, Catering, Visual technologies, Trade and Retail.


I was approached to develop a meaningful identity for the holding company, Zonkizizwe Investments.

Creative rationale:

I presented a logo that is simple, clean and corporate. The final concept incorporates the two icons which are used on financial indicators.

Apart from the two colours being colours used on financial indicators:

The red symbolizes: power, success and it’s colour of excitement (‘for sale sign’).
The green symbolizes: money, growth and positivity (‘shares going up’).


I merged the two icons to form one icon that uses negative space to form the initial of the company “Z”.