Logo design for Black On Black

 I was approached to conceptualize and design a logo for Black On Black™ by a client.

The term ‘Black On Black’ was previously used to refer to the acts of black people fighting against each other, however the client intends on using the name to depict positive values and rather than the negative connotations the name carried in the past.
Black On Black™ is more of a freedom consciousness movement than a company. The client’s objective is to instill positive values amongst people to be aware of and to live their freedom, constitutionally, mentally and otherwise.

The movement’s mandate is to inspire, encourage and motivate everybody who comes across the brand. Initially clothing will be used as the main medium to spread the ‘positivity’.

The client wanted the logo to convey freedom, unity, striving to go to greater heights together.

logo process and creative rationale for black on black

The logo had to be as simple as possible (will be applied to a variety of mediums) while still conveying what the client required.

Final logo:

-The icon is actually two B’s or / and two birds, depending on how you look at it.

The two B’s:

– Gives a literal illustration of black on black, both as two B’s (on top of each other) and a black colour on top of a black colour.

The two Birds:

– The birds symbolizes: freedom, reaching greater heights together.

The overall Icon:

– Gives a feeling of unity and togetherness as 2 items comes out as 1 icon.

*The client is happy with the final design and he added that the illusion on the logo reminded him of the My wife and Mother-In-Law illusion.