Less is less and more is more, nothing more, nothing less!

 As an advocate of simplicity, I obviously have an interest in any writing on the subject.

It’s almost inevitable not to ‘bump’ into the phrase ‘less is more’ while reading writings on minimalism or simplicity.

While taking a walk last night the phrase came to mind and the philosopher in me couldn’t resist the opportunity to scrutinize the poor phrase.

The phrase is made of three words: less, is and more.

The word ‘is’ means either ‘amount to’ or ‘ to be’, so immediately when one starts to say ‘Less is…’ — less is no longer itself but whatever follows the ‘…is’.

If you agree that the two words are opposites, then this phrase is equivalent to ‘Light is dark’, doesn’t the dark takeover the light as soon as the light is dark?

Maybe the philosopher in me is taking a phrase that’s not meant to be taken literally, but still…

I believe ‘less’ should be left to be itself, as this is an either or type of being.

This reminds me of the ‘Never say never’ saying, I think whoever says that should practice what they preach… saying never say never is telling somebody never to say never by saying, well, never.