Interview by matric student: Chané Dreyer

Chané Dreyer is a matriculant aspiring on studying Graphic Design at Inscape Design College, in Cape Town. Applicants were required to interview a qualified graphic designer as part of their application.

Because of my not-so-bad ranking on Google I was lucky enough for my website to have appeared amongst Chané’s web searches and I thought I should share the questions asked and how I answered.

Why did you choose Graphic Design as a career?

It sort of happened as a plan c, I applied for a diploma in copywriting but was rejected.

And I immediately remembered hearing friends during our matric exams talk about Graphic Design, I then decide to register for GD — though I had absolutely no idea what it entailed.

But in hindsight I feel blessed things turned out this way.

I don’t even want to image how life would have turned out should I have not been a Graphic Designer — Hell, sounds more like it.

What training did you undergo?

I did a two year Graphic Design diploma at a ‘some’ college.

What do you like most about your job as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Design is one of the most powerful disciplines, a lot can be achieved through visual communications.

It can give people an order without saying a word.

Make you choose brand x over brand y based on nothing but the packaging.

Design can evoke emotion, thus lead to either action or inaction.

What do you dislike about being a Graphic Designer?

Though it’s understandable, the lack of design literacy from the clients’ side while they’re usually given the responsibility to reject or accept the final design solution — a decision mostly based on nothing but personal preferences or tastes.

You can’t expect a Doctor to let the patient decide on how they cure their condition — the Doctor is supposed to recommend the best treatment and medication.

And yes, a different medication can be recommended should the patient’s budget be below the expected cost of the medication.

Describe a typical day on the job.

I’m self-employed so fortunately for me, no piece of paper dictates where spend the first 8 hours of my day.

I don’t have a typical day expect the fact that I design daily.

The challenge for employers and creatives is that creativity knows no working hours, most creatives I’ve met actually find themselves way, way more productive in the evening. So isn’t it best to have someone do something at their best mental peak?

What are your future goals?

Help contribute to making the world a better place, in any possible way I can. It could be a simple do as inspiring + motivating a few souls, who I hope in return will do the same for a few souls, and so on…

Mentor as many graphic designers, as my schedule and remaining days on earth permits, as possible — knowledge grows when it’s shared.

And try my bit to give non design savvy clients basic knowledge by writing and sharing the little that I know on Design Literacy Journal.

Though I have dozens of posts saved as drafts, I’m battling with topics to cover as it is very hard to remember what if feels like NOT to know what you know — I believe knowledge once acquired feels like common sense.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in Graphic Design as

You can never know enough — Read, read, read. (design + general stuff)
Excellence is never a destination, but a journey.

Do it for the love of it. Doing something just because “…it pays the bills” is so 80s!

Sleep less, sleeping is overrated.

Drink good coffee, most people call me insane — but there’s something spiritual about coffee.

Pray everytime before you work — i do.

Is there a future for Graphic Designers?

For as long as Judgment Day is not here, there will always be a need for visual communicators.

What is Graphic Design?

The art of communicating a message and/or a presentation of information, using visuals.

What “things” do you design?

I have the skills to design ‘everything’ but I prefer ‘things’ that demand conceptual thinking.

A designer with nothing but just an eye for creating great layout is all good but easily replaceable! When hiring I’d prioritize a conceptual thinker.

Ask yourself one question, have you ever heard of an ‘idea template’ ?

No. But there are millions of layout templates all over the net!

Is graphic Design the same as Computer Graphics?

No, computers are just a means and more efficient way to transform an idea into a digital format.

*Assuming our definitions of the latter are in sync.
Your question is equivalent to “Is music and a microphone the same?”

Graphic design is a discipline while computers are used as tools to execute graphic design solutions.