IEC website punishes its visitors for NOT using ancient technology!

IEC website punishes its visitors for NOT using ancient technology!

I wrote about something similar regarding sabc one’s website, but this time I stumbled upon a worse situation.

Firstly, let me start by educating those of you who aren’t website developers. There’s a traditional web design strategy called progressive enhancement, simply put:
a website must be developed in such a way that all users are able to access basic content and functionality of a web page regardless of their browser or internet connection.

IEC’s website is however doing the opposite which is quite disturbing. I get this message while trying to access their website on FireFox 3 on a Leopard OS (Mac):
Our server detected that you are using a browser or operating system (e.g. Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.) which is currently incompatible with our website. The current website is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer V4 (and upward) on the Windows operating system.

I always find it disturbing for organizations which can afford professional services but somehow decide not to invest in one.

The other issue that I believe contributes to situation like this is the fact that people tend to make website development a once-off thing, once live websites still need to be monitored and maintained… it doesn’t necessarily have to be updating of new content only – the website (developers) should take advantage and benefit from newly available technologies, that emerged after the site was launched.

The last part of the error on IEC’s website (shown to us visitors who does not ‘meet’ their site’s technological requirements) states that the site is currently under construction to rectify the situation.

We sit and wait hope.