eAdvertising: pay per click or per exposure?

The internet has without any doubt grown rapidly in the past decade, attracting billions of visitors daily to the world wide web. Which in return initiated an opportunity for advertisers to expose their brand, products or services to billions of online visitors world-wide on a daily basis by advertising on websites.

One of the competitive factors of online advertising is the fact that the advert is working or accessible every second of the 24 hours throughout the cyberspace.

Social networking websites, blogs, news websites and search engines are some of the top kinds of websites that attracts majority of online visitors daily.

In this article my center of interest is more on the fairness of the two popular advertising billing options (both on the publisher and advertiser) rather than the advertiser and the most suitable option for their advertising campaign only.

The two most used advertising space billing system on the web today is either charged ‘per-click’ or the advertiser is charged a ‘fixed’ monthly amount.

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model where advertisers only pay (for and) when a user actually clicks on an ad to visit the advertiser’s website.
While ‘per click’ billing is the best option for the advertiser, I believe to some extend it’s a bit unfair on the publisher. Take print magazines and newspapers for example, advertisers are charged for the exposure not on how many readers takes action to their advert.

Shouldn’t the same apply for online advertising, shouldn’t online publishers also be remunerated for the exposure they provide the advertisers’ brand with?

Brand exposure goes beyond the time frame of a particular advertiser’s campaign, A visitor might not find an advert appealing because they aren’t in need of the advertised product or service then BUT because of the advert the visitor might utilize an advertiser’s products / service later should the need arise.
For example I’ve been exposed to a lot of Apple mac resellers’ adverts, I didn’t find the ads appealing only because I wasn’t in a need or looking for a new mac but now (after seeing the ads) I know where exactly to go when the time to upgrade my tools of trade (computer and softwares) comes.

I would love to hear your views on the matter as a (potential) sponsor and/or as a publisher, so please share your thoughts by commenting on this post.