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puppet string
Fine designers are puppets, but who’s pulling the strings?

Whilst having a chat with a client, who later turned close friend, she said something about the client-and-designer posse that really got me thinking. She was one of those clients who knew what they wanted, with regards to the overall look that they desired for their business’s logo. Great? Well, it depends. Apparently, while she was...

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Reid Miles Jazz cd cover
The invisibility of design – Ideal design

Lebogang Nkoane pointed me to this writing by Alex on Retinart, and he asked me what my thoughts are on the statement (from the writing) below: “The design just carries the message, rather than attempt to be the message.” I have had a writing in my drafts for past three months or so, it focuses...

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criticism is for he weak sticker photograph by andria lauren
The art of critiquing a graphic designer

I usually get emails from other designers, mostly students, with nothing but an attachment of their design, and the question: “What do yo think?” (And inevitably, that inspired this writing.) I always assert that Form follows Function, and my argument is quite simple. I say that there needs to be a Function to be realized...

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wwf, logo, identity, black and white
Brand marks: The resurrection of logos

If logos aren’t dead, then a genocide is in order. I think there’s a need for graphic designers to gradually move away from the term “logo.” There’s really nothing wrong with the term itself, the problem is the expectations that clients have placed on logos. But most importantly, the fact that graphic design has evolved...

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pencils Hownowdesign
Does more backs and more macs connote superior work?

A typesetter, a copywriter, a graphic designer and a photographer when working together are called a team. Likewise, a graphic designer, a graphic designer, a graphic designer and another graphic designer working collectively, are a team. There are some things where more means better. Better product, better service, thus, a better (or rather: best) way...

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