Book review: The truth about brands

The truth about brands book review

I would like to share The truth about brands one of the books that kept me busy during my festive holidays, which is by far one of my best buys. The book is made of 51 “truths” each chapter incorporates a technique and a real brand case study backing the “truth”.

The chapters are kept short and straight to the point, which makes the book quite an “easy” read. The book is A5 sized with an average of two pages per chapter (which is equivalent to one A4 page covering the entire chapter).

The authors covered a lot of myths on branding that most marketing managers often practice. Reading this book will also help you in avoiding common branding mistakes that could easily have a permanent damage to your brand or those of your clients. You’ll learn how to use all the key elements, including packaging, advertising and pricing, to ensure your brand survives and thrives.

Since it takes a broad range of expertise to build and maintain a brand; marketing, graphic design, art direction, advertising etc. I’m confident that this book will appeal to a wide range of professionals.

I’m so impressed by the book that I decided to take a different approach as to how I review it. Instead of me telling you a lot about the book I think that the best way for you to have an idea of how great this book is, is for me to allow you to read few extracts from it.

As a result I’ll post one full “truth” every Thursday for the next 6 weeks starting from today.

The other 45 truths will only be available to those of you who will buy the book.

The chapters will be published in the following sequence:

All chapters are obviously copyrighted to the authors; Brian Till and Donna Heckler. I’m only publishing the few chapters to share, educate and offer you a “test drive” and hopefully you’ll consider investing in this book.