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portrait photograph of mokokoma mokhonoana wearing yellow glassesAs you’re likely to have gathered, my name is Mokokoma Mokhonoana. I am an independent graphic designer; in terms of both thinking and employment.

I always strive to solve businesses’ visual communication challenges using simple, yet thoughtful and strategic design.

I am very passionate and knowledgeable in branding. I merge that with design to effectively articulate brand strategies.

I come up with creative, simple and efficient visuals that effectively bridge the gap between my clients’ messages and their intended audience.

Philosophy. Approach. Beliefs

I’m a advocate and practitioner of simplicity, as it demands that we seek out the necessary and avoid the unnecessary.
It does not always mean less, it means no more than what is needed.

To understand what you need means understanding purpose.

Work with. Recruitment. Hire

I mainly work with clients single-handedly. And at times, I work with design studios, advertising agencies, and marketing consultancies, at senior level, on short- to medium-term contractual arrangements.

Location. Office. Address

I reside in Pretoria, South Africa. Nonetheless, the advancement of technology allows me to work with clients from all over the world.

Would you like to interview me?

Feel free to contact me should you wish to schedule an interview with me, whether in person or via email — I’m friendlier than I look.

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