A simple analogy on how much it cost to hire a graphic designer

 We have all had our fair share of enquiries from prospect clients, where you are asked a common question that goes something like:

“How much will it cost, for you to design a logo, website or this and that for us?”

The common misconception from clients is that, that’s a ‘complete’ question — But it’s not. The enquiry is vague. Yes, there are graphic designers who will be able to say that they charge ‘xxxx’ for, say a logo, before they have even asked a single question regarding the client’s project and company.

I’ve had to let go of could-have-been-clients simply because I refused to say how much it will cost them, for me to design them something before they answered to a few questions regarding their company and project scope.

But like I mentioned before, I am not of a fan of design packages. As I believe when practiced, it’s unfair to at least one of the two parties, client or designer.

I was at a friend’s place a few days back and I had to “kill time” while he took a bath. So I browsed through some women magazine that was lying around. I don’t remember what it was called, i would have loved to credit the mag. Anyhow, I ended up scanning through some article on ‘Planning your dream wedding’ or something like that.

The wedding planner touched on the ‘How much will it cost me?’ issue, and I just loved how she explained the difference made by the size of the ‘B’ word — Budget. This is what she said:
Decide on how much you are going to spend for the event.

When you embark on any project, you should first consider what resources you have at your disposal.

An example is building a house. Before you draw plans to build a house, you consider whether you have R 5,000,000 or R 500,000.

We’d all like to live in a million-rand mansion, but most of us can’t afford it.

Likewise, not all of us can have a fairytale wedding, but all of us can have an enjoyable celebration that is within our means.

All it takes is some creativity!

I wrote a post on this common scenario before, trying to justify why I prefer to know the maximum amount of money the prospect can afford to allocate to the project in question. And I thought that this extract explains that using a very simple and memorable analogy.

Obviously this analogy can be applied to website development, web design, photography and others facets of visual communications in times of a request for quote.