A Guide to the Business of Creativity [free eBook download]

 As I promised, I’d love to share a book that covers the issues that I discussed in the prior post. I strongly believe that this book will be an invaluable read not just to graphic designers but anybody in the creative industry.

The book is authored by David Parrish and it’s titled T-shirts and Suits, A guide to the business of creativity. I must admit the name sounds a bit ridiculous at first but there’s a logical reason behind the title — T-shirts being a symbolism of creativity while suits symbolizes the business side (of creativity).

The author covers issues like creating financial security, intellectual property, management and leadership, marketing to name a few that are crucial to creating and sustaining a profiable creative business.

I think this is a must read for all creatives, my favourite section being, the part that we as creatives seem to overlook — creating financial security through protection and usage of intellectual property. This is a stream of income that will still flow even when you’re asleep, as it is not dependent on continuous labour.

Download Free eBook [1.9mb, pdf] or Buy a hardcopy of the book.

Further more, David Parrish runs a blog that contains new information, ideas and examples for creative people who want to make their businesses and organisations even more successful.

Please do me one favour, share this with any creatives that you know — knowledge grows when it is shared.

The more knowledgeable creatives are, the better for the creative industry and clients that we serve, so do share.