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Less is less and more is more, nothing more, nothing less!

As an advocate of simplicity, I obviously have an interest in any writing on the subject. It’s almost inevitable not to ‘bump’ into the phrase ‘less is more’ while reading writings on minimalism or simplicity. While taking a walk last night the phrase came to mind and the philosopher in me couldn’t resist the opportunity...

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A Guide to the Business of Creativity [free eBook download]

As I promised, I’d love to share a book that covers the issues that I discussed in the prior post. I strongly believe that this book will be an invaluable read not just to graphic designers but anybody in the creative industry. The book is authored by David Parrish and it’s titled T-shirts and Suits,...

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The incompleteness of a completed graphic design qualification

In hindsight, the two things that I found missing from what we were taught while studying Graphic Design are, the business side of creativity and branding. The Creative Business, selling of thoughts Almost anybody can perform fairly as a businessperson, you buy something at x amount and sell it at x + markup. Simple. Regardless...

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