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How great use of psychology in design tripled my intended donation

First things first, apologies for the “could-have-been-better” quality of the photographs in this post. My camera decided to “call it a life”, so until I replace it my PDA will play the role of a photographer’s main tool-of-trade. I always try my level best to dedicate most part (if all is impossible) of my Fridays’...

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Is mentioning “terms and conditions apply” a waste of ad space?

I’m not really sure if this is a South African advertising phenomenon, radio to be exact, so for the sake of not ranting about some countries I’m not sure of I’ll stick to South Africa. It’s a no-brainer that entities such as TV Channels and Radio stations depend on advertising for most part of their income....

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Be careful when hiring a graphic designer!

I just *bumped* into this short video and I thought I should share. The lady in the video discusses: 1. The importance of Graphic Design, 2. The relationship between the client and graphic designer, 3. What not to look at a designer as and 4. What to look for in a designer. I know most of you...

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