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picture of a human brain
Modern psychology slowly dictates how and what creatives sell

As advertisers, marketers and graphic designers, to name a few, we are all in the same business. The business of selling. We are employed to communicate our clients’ brand message/promise, which is usually their sales pitch for their product. Research has enabled us to recognize the product’s targeted market’s behavioral patters. This sort of pushes...

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Malboro billboard advert, smoking maybe be hazardous to your health, that's why only real men do it
Is humour the new sex in advertising?

I’m not sure if I am alone on this one, but whenever I watch TV most of the ads I see tend to aim at leaving the viewers laughing more than anything else. Sex has been employed in advertising since the beginning of advertising. It has been predominantly used to draw attention to a product,...

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A magician with an American hat and a skull of a rabbit
The Magic Wand doesn’t really make Graphic designers magicians

Graphic design is more than anything else, employed as a means to present and communicate a message. It is therefore a graphic designer’s mandate to use design to present and communicate the message at the best and most relevant way possible. If you buy a car, expect it to fly, and it doesn’t. Chances are...

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