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The mistaken and recommended way to outline text

Aesthetics purposes and to make text standout from its background are two of many logical reasons a designer may decide to add an outline to text. I strongly advise that applying an outline to text should only go as far as headings and nowhere near body copy, as it would be a mission to read –...

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broken pink piggy bank
Asking for a client’s budget: an opportunity to ‘milk’ the client or not?

It is said to be a good businessperson’s (buyer) trait to aim to pay as low as possible for as much as they can possibly get. While the seller on the other hand, wants to sell for as much as possible for as little (of whatever they’re selling) as possible. This is understandable to some...

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Whose spotlight is it anyway, The designer or client’s message?

I don’t know about you but I often bump into questions/discussions about creatives expressing themselves though their bread-and-butter. Graphic designers are no exception, they’re believed to be expressing themselves through design/ing. This belief was also part of the questions I was asked last month, when I was interviewed by Untrendy Graphics. I think this makes no...

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