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The overall role of designers that seems to be forgotten

Firstly, let me start by describing what graphic design is and what it entails. Wikipedia defines graphic design as the process of communicating visually using text and images to present information. In other words graphic design is communicating a client’s message to their targeted market through usage of text, images, shapes and colour. An ideal...

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Skout, for the love of designers

After long hours of labour, litres of caffeine and almost all my bandwidth I just jumped the first hurdle, the launch of Skout™. Skout™ is a bookmark sharing platform with design resources for designers by designers. Everybody is free to submit their sites to share with everybody. Skout™ aims at becoming a one stop resources...

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How I kicked whites out of the Forum of Black Journalists without saying a word!

…And I’m not racist. I’m just a visual poet at work! There is currently a huge debate in the country on whether South Africans should condone how Forum of Black Journalists “kicked-out” their white colleagues at the forum’s function attended by The President of the ANC two weeks or so back. I played with letters...

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