A portfolio of design work by Mokokoma

portrait photograph of mokokoma mokhonoana wearing yellow glassesIn a nutshell, I am a graphic designer and I always strive to solve businesses’ visual communication challenges using simple, yet thoughtful and strategic design.

The broadness of my expertise allows me to partner with businesses in the development of their brandmarks (logos), stationery (letterheads, business cards etc.) printed communication (brochures, posters, product packaging, publications etc.), Signage (vehicles, internal and external signs etc.)

I just wrote a book titled The Confessions of a Misfit.

I work with individuals and businesses across varying industries; and I particularly enjoy working on design projects that require conceptual thinking.

If you’re a colleague, you’re welcome to join the discussions covered in the graphic design related writings that I write for this website, by sharing your points of view.

If you’re in need of a graphic designer for your project:

The best place to start would be the about me page for a few words about me.

After that, go through my design portfolio to see a few selected projects.

Should you wish to work with me to solve your design challenge:

In order to create a design that will serve your organization well, I will need to gain an intimate understanding of your vision, expectations and goals.

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