This website is no longer updated!

portrait photograph of mokokoma mokhonoana wearing yellow glassesI no longer need this website. Hence it hasn’t been updated in years.

I have not terminated this domain name merely because I believe that some people will learn a thing or two from some of the writings I have published here.

Obviously, some parts of this website are either dysfunctional or outdated. What’s more, some parts will look out of place because I have deactivated some features (e.g., the comment form).

To ensure that everybody sees this message, I have updated the sidebar and navigation (excerpt the “Portfolio” and “Writings” ) links to lead to this page.

I am now focusing on writing (philosophy, social criticism, satire, et cetera).

To go through some of my work, please visit my “new” website.


One Love :)


Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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